Engine Hoist Plans

This site will give you details on the Engine Hoist Plans for sale and explain how the engine hoist works using a hoist beam and chain hoist.

How to build an engine hoist

These engine hoist plans are not written to build a standard engine lift or indeed a cheap engine hoist, but are written to make a thoroughly professional piece of hoist equipment.

Using a frame hoist can be time consuming and unstable, but using this specially designed beam hoist will make your engine lifts easy and done with confidence.

As with many off the shelf tools and workshop equipment, the individual needs and requirements for the particular situation are not always fulfilled and if this is not frustrating enough the price tag is normally quite high.

We have looked long and hard into the needs of the end user, ranging from the professional to the DIY enthusiast and have written these engine hoist plans with the following major criteria in mind:

  • High Quality
  • Ease of Construction
  • Low Cost
  • Personalisation

The engine hoist plans for the 750 kg engine hoist are extremely simple to follow and require very basic skills in order to construct a cost effective quality system for the lifting and positioning of engines (or other heavy objects) within a small to medium workshop. The ability to adapt the hoist to various workshop layouts are also allowed for in the engine hoist plans, making the 750kg engine hoist truly versatile piece of hoist equipment.

The standard type of hydraulic engine crane or engines lifts are tried and tested tools, but  quite expensive, and not always so easily stored in confined spaces and can be cumbersome to move around in limited space.

Once constructed, the 750kg engine hoist becomes an incredibly versatile and easily stored piece of hoist equipment that will have many uses other than just engine removal and installation. The added benefit is that it will be ready for use at any time, without need for assembly which is great for moving those awkward heavy objects around the workshop without the need to set up the engine lifts or a frame hoist – great for back problem sufferers.

We hope you will purchase the engine hoist plans and hope that you get the full value and extensive use from this uniquely designed chain hoist.