About the Plans

This engine hoist has been purposefully designed to be built with an absolute minimum of specialised tools required and so that it can be built in a very typical workshop. This specialist piece of hoist equipment is ideal to be built by keen amateurs and professionals alike.

Regarding skills, basic metalwork skills are all that is needed. The key to the success of this design is accuracy in cutting the steel, drilling the holes and of course precise measurements for the correct alignment of the components.

Below are some samples of the pages in the engine hoist plans.

Engine hoist plans preview 1


Engine hoist plans preview 2

Engine hoist plans preview 3

This engine hoist can lift 750kg and is suitable for the home garage user or the professional mechanic. Due to its versatile design, it can be used to lift a variety of objects and move them within a wide area of a workshop.

The engine hoist is a beam hoist based upon a movable beam with a slider and a chain hoist attached, to move around an engine or other heavy object. Once constructed it is always ready for use and easily stored in the corner making it ideal for confined spaces.

The engine hoist can be built by anyone with basic mechanical and welding skills and uses components and materials that are easily available and very cost effective. The engine hoist plans are written in a very understandable format and are extremely comprehensive with many construction photos and diagrams for reference.

The plans contain CAD drawings which give precise measurements to construct the components. This is certainly not a typical homemade engine hoist, but rather a quality beam hoist that can be made at home or in the workshop.

Uses for the hoist are varied and include lifting out engines from vehicles, lifting vehicle bodies, and moving any heavy objects around a workshop with total ease. Once completed the user will have a high quality, low cost, permanently installed piece of hoist equipment that will make easy work of otherwise difficult jobs.